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In which I get insulted

Continuing from my last post...

The guy kept insulting me. I don't care about that.

What did annoy me was when he decided to turn on my boyfriend. ("He's SUCH a good catch, lol lol")

Why? He's an innocent party. He had nothing to do with this. Why insult the poor guy? That's just pathetic, and ignorant.

If anything, this kind of validates the fact that he HAD messaged me with the intent to hook up. After all, he doesn't have any other ammunition.

Oh well. His girlfriend blocked me on Facebook, but he hasn't. Don't quite know what to make of this. 
Mewtwo destroy

In which I realise some people just don't want help

so done
A couple of days ago I was randomly messaged by a random bloke on Facebook. He was doing the normal facebook-creeper thing of asking to meet up for sex, etc.

I led him on, because I am le elite internet troll xD and I like having a bit of fun with people like this. If I can get dickpix, I feel as though I have won a trophy. Or, more accurately, material to blackmail them with.

Anyway, it became apparent that he had a girlfriend. This girl appeared to have had his child (not sure if that was their child, or just a relative, but they looked like a close family unit), and I genuinely felt sorry for her. So instead of dickpix I send the chatlogs to his girlfriend instead. That way I feel like I have achieved something, plus I did something morally right... in my mind, anyway.

Well, the guy just messaged me back (adding his girlfriend to the conversation), insulting me and all sorts of things. That wasn't my issue, because empty insults which obviously show he doesn't actually know me have no effect. What really bothered me was that he accused me of hacking into his account, messaging myself from his account, then trying to split up the happy couple (who will 'get married one day' [apparently]). Bear in mind I do not know these people; they just happened to be in my area. A couple of mutual friends, being a couple of people I met some years ago at University. No other connections.

I'll be honest. I messaged the girl because she looked very sweet, and appeared to be one of those people who have a heart of gold. I felt sorry for her. What I didn't judge from appearances was that she is apparently incredibly naive, or just plain stupid, for believing this (assuming she does, as her 'beloved' has reported).

It's not my problem, and I don't give a fuck. She can marry a serial cheat for all I care; I did my bit, and that's enough.

In which I have no say in my own personal matter

I'm graduating soon. And apparently I'm attending a graduation ceremony. I say 'apparently', because I had absolutely no plans to attend (several hours of formalities just to obtain a piece of paper? Jeez), but my parents, or rather, my mother, says I must.

Well, I can tolerate that, just about. After all, it is a major event in my life. So, ok, my parents will watch me take my piece of paper and shake the hand of some random unfortunate...

Oh wait, except it won't just be my parents. It'll be my whole fucking family, as my mother has decided. Or rather, my 'whole fucking family', sans the only other member of the family who I would have been happy to attend: my grandfather**. Not even my own partner, my better half, was included in the potential guest list.
(**Note: I used to be his full-time carer for 3 years, until he had an operation to regain his sight. After that, I've just been a part-time carer [sort of]. As a result, we have a certain fondness for each other, and he is closer to me than either of my parents)

I complained to my mother about all this, but she retorted, "Oh, don't spoil my day". Note that: her day, not mine.

So the low-key event I wanted is not happening, and has been replaced by a goddamn family reunion.

I've decided: if I ever get married, I am going to elope.
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In which I become the type of girl I always hated

I kind of let myself down today.

I met up with my video games society, which is, surprise surprise, comprised 100% of male members (apart from me). Our usual room had been taken from us without warning so we decided to hang out with the tabletop games society, where we played Werewolves.

There was a guy who I never really spoke to before.. in fact, I don't even really recall seeing him. Maybe it's because I'm usually playing TF2, L4D, or Minecraft most of the time I'm there. Anywho, he seemed to take interest in me. A lot of interest. A LOT.

I had a bottle of cider with me, as the bulk of my exams have passed and I felt I needed to celebrate a bit. Being an incredibly talkative and inappropriate person, I blurted out "I shouldn't be drinking this". ("Whyever not?") "I'm on a date rape drug, ha" (which is true, and I don't really keep it a secret. I tend to joke about it a lot).

Throughout the evening, the guy kept playfully taking away my bottle. At first I thought it was just all jokey and all that, but later on in the evening he said, in a very worried and caring way, "Are you alright? You're going very red" (referring to my alcohol intake, yet again). I'm not used to people being worried for me, so I'm not really sure how to take it. Was he flirting? I dunno. It didn't help that he kept rubbing his leg against mine, whether this was accidentally or not...

This isn't my main concern, though. As the evening went on, this guy, and another, gave me a shitload of attention; again, I'm not used to attention. At one point they lifted my chair up and carried me around, which was fun at the time, but... it just made me think of all those times when I would see guys flirting and messing around with giggling girls, who would be the centre of attention, and how I would half-jealously, half-disgustedly look on, and promise myself not to let myself become one of "those types of girl".

Until recently, I used to be a flat blob of a person (I can't say 'girl' as I had once or twice openly been mistaken for a guy), and the kind of person who would hide behind the wallflower. Now, after developing into a moderately acceptable person, I've suddenly been given attention and I don't know what to make of it. I kind of hate myself for it; this isn't who I am, or rather, who I was. Furthermore I'm concerned that people will think I'm 'easy' or whatever, as I read somewhere that girls who tend to laugh with people more are often perceived as having more sexual partners (for the record, I've only had one, and I'm still in a perfect relationship with him).

I dunno. Maybe I'm overthinking this. I tend to do that.

Maybe admitting I'm on a date rape drug was a bad decision. Maybe.
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In which I lose an old friend

feminism in a nutshell

It is no secret that I absolutely hate feminism. Now, when I say this, most people think: "Oh, she must be a submissive housewife type girl with low self-esteem". Actually, no (well, I am submissive, but typically only in the bedroom. But that's another story). I oppose feminism because it has turned from a fight for equality into a 'battle of the sexes'. Personally, I prefer the idea of a world of fundamental equality (equality of basic rights), and gender-blindness (if a woman applies for a manual labour job, she should not be employed on the basis of her gender; she should be assessed on whether she can do the job. The fact that there may be more men than women in the workplace is not patriarchy in action or discrimination: It is simply people being employed to do what they can do.) Positive discrimination is still discrimination.

Anyway. A friend of mine posted an original 'I need feminism' picture of herself. It basically declared: "I need feminism because I want to be able to have children and a career". I objected: "What has this got to do with feminism?"

Her response (starting with, "Err, duh!") was some feminist drivel about how only women have difficulties in raising children, and are 'forced to choose' between having a career or a family, and men do not, and this should not be the case. I responded that men have issues with raising children, just as women do; it is not a gender issue. Children are not a 'hobby' and they are a massive commitment for both parties in the relationship.

In a fit of rage (I presume, anyway), she removed all my comments, save the first "What has this got to do with feminism?", portraying her as the enlightened and victorious feminist, who knows more than the little self-hating misogynist who dares question feminist ideals. The support from her friends showed that there was, in fact, an audience, and this was, indeed, how I was being presented.

I simply responded, after pointing out that she had deleted my comments to anyone reading this one-sided 'discussion', that if that is the way she deals with opposition, by ignoring it and hoping it goes away, then she is not yet mature enough to raise children of her own anyway.

And I left it at that.
Peter Lorre


I'm a little upset because, yet again, my housemates are doing stuff without me. They had a barbecue outside our house and have probably gone out for the evening. I say probably, because they never actually tell me and I usually find out when they come back screaming at 2am.

I never get invited to these things... I don't know what they think of me; they must think I'm absolutely devoid of all emotion or life or something.

Another thing... Once, just once, I'd like to be surprised with something. Like, they surprised some of our other housemates with cake for their birthdays; I've never had such treatment in my life. My birthdays are always treated as passing affairs, like a doctor appointment.

</self-absorbed emotional drivel>
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I got an SMJ account...

I will probably have no more money left by the end of the month. Heh.
Mewtwo destroy

Money money money...

I promised myself to save this month...

Whelp, that didn't work.

At least I was outbid on an eBay auction, thus saving me about £15. I didn't even want the stuff in it, why the hell did I even... oh nevermind.

I'm planning on buying the kawaii mewtwo doll (if things go well), which results in me paying out $50 or so...

And then I just bought a t-shirt on impulse...

Oh god I hate it when this happens! And now, after the announcement that Mewtwo (+'Mewthree'?) is being featured in a new movie, that means even more merch for me to collect!! Arrgh I just can't stop spending!!

Money well spent, but even so....!! I've still got to fund my £5k Law Masters programme next year!! (and I daren't part with my beloved pokedolls ;_;)


I'ma going to Minamicon this weekend! :D

I'm so excited. Last year there were a few pokedolls for sale, but none that I particularly wanted. Mostly 1st gen stuff that I already had anyway. I'm hoping they have more this year because I have fun looking through them even if there's nothing I want ^^;

I'm also hoping to get a Black Mage Chocobo plush... I feel so gutted that I didn't get one last year!

Also, our hotel room as an espresso machine... I'm going to use the shit out of it! :P

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh I should be working but I can't stop thinking about Minamicon!
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Follow-up from rant

 This is just a follow-up from my rant on shipping. I received the package today -- that was surprisingly fast. I didn't want to open the box, at first, because "Aaah I don't want to see this expensive item aaah", but finally did.

I took it out of the box, it was all nicely packed up, literally a blanket of bubble-wrap over it. Removing this, I discovered the 'used' item was actually in perfect condition, it's simply gorgeous, better than I imagined. I kinda think the extra money was worth it, as I got it very quickly, it was nicely packed up, AND it was in better condition than described.

And yet, I still don't want to know what its actual value is, because I believe I'll be in for a nasty shock. I don't think I'll end up selling it, anyway; it's too nice!

Now all I have to do is keep it away from my destructive cousins.
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